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Each individual SEO campaign differs from the others however there are actually certain indicators which will identify just how competitive each and every industry or even a range of search keyword phrases are. This allows us to create a number of SEO Packages Pricing levels. For instance one particular indicator is quantity of competitive results, strength and also authority inside the top 10 results plus the measure of advertisers concentrating on the identical keyword phrases. Getting an appropriate budget to utilize helps ensure the overall performance of the SEO campaign as well as faster improvements

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[pricing_cell] Our corporate SEO campaigns are fully scalable, customizable and geared for long term success, ensuring you get results at every juncture in the fast paced corporate world. [/pricing_cell]
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[pricing_cell] If you’re serious about maximizing your SEO results and are keen to take on more competitive keywords, then this package provides you with a great value solution. [/pricing_cell]
[pricing_cell]favicon No Setup Fees [/pricing_cell]
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[pricing_column title=’STANDARD’ price=’1500′ price_currency=’$’ price_period=’mo’ link=’insert your link here’ button_text=’GET STARTED’ active=’no’ active_text=’Best Buy’][pricing_cell] Our middle-weight SEO package for small businesses gives you an extra push over our basic package for faster results.                                                                                                       [/pricing_cell][pricing_cell]favicon No Setup Fees [/pricing_cell]
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[pricing_cell] Our entry level SEO package is perfect for small businesses with limited budgets, particularly those operating in niche markets.                                                                      [/pricing_cell]
[pricing_cell]favicon No Setup Fees [/pricing_cell]
[pricing_cell]favicon No Lock In Contract [/pricing_cell]
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Every good SEO campaign starts with phrase research. If you start with no phrase research or with superficial findings you are at risk of basing your entire SEO strategy on assumptions. This could lead to less than optimal website and brand performance and cost you a lot of unproductive time and money. Of course, once we know what our targets are there is a need for development of a custom SEO strategy.



Your developer may read the SEO guidelines but not fully understand or utilize the information supplied. This often happens due to lack of understanding of your product and the nature of the target market. We work with your developer to ensure that you get the best possible performance out of your website.

Don’t have a developer? No problem, if you don’t have anyone to do the updates for you we will engage our own experts to do this for you.



At Tuuli Media we never optimize and leave the website. Our dedicated specialists continuously find ways to increase your rankings month after month and one of the greatest benefits is in fact what we call link building.

Your content will of course be the key element in your website’s popularity and that is one of the main things we will look at.

Secondly people may need a little bit of encouragement to link to you, in fact some may already be linking to you but in a less favorable way. Our staff specialize in advanced link building strategies and will liaise with whoever they need to make sure that you are receiving a steady growth of high quality links.

From time to time we may find out new things and opportunities that may not be obvious at first and therefore adjust the campaign and phrase targeting based on the latest data.



We have access to clever tools that tell us a lot of information about how users interact with your website. It’s not always about getting the traffic. Once people are on your website, it’s time to start thinking about usability and conversions and improvement of user experience. One great tool that many webmasters use is Google Analytic’s which is great for tracking conversions and goals.



SEO game is tough. Once you get into the first page of results you will face a continuous scrutiny of competitors and search engine quality teams who will make sure you got there fairly and didn’t use any unethical shortcuts.



White Hat SEO Pricing PackagesWHITE HAT PRACTICES

Tuuli Media works within recommended SEO guidelines and can identify potential risks you might have accidentally created yourself during your past promotional efforts and activities. Once your site gets a penalty it could be a long time before it recovers. This causes long down time in traffic and sales.



Be confident that you will receive professional service from people who understand your products and services and always look for ways to improve your business even beyond SEO.



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Generally we don’t limit the number of phrases you can target, withing reason. We offer different SEO Packages Pricing levels which consider your budget, search volume, competitiveness and recommend a set of target keyword phrases to give you the best return.


[accordion_item caption=”There are so many SEO companies, why should I pick Tuuli Media?” title_color=’#000000′ background_color=’#ffffff’ arrow_style=’black_arrow’]

In reality, there are just a small number of REAL local SEO Companies, If you sift through the deluge of “so called” SEO offers you get in your email box you will realize they are mostly form overseas and from either Gmail or Hotmail addresses. Real companies have real websites and real email addresses. Also, there is no cheap way to do SEO & THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS!

Just the monthly cost of all proper tools Real SEO companies use to: maintain, build opportunities, track progress and results, hire Copywriters, SEO Specialists, Designers, Developers and not to mention real office space and overhead prohibits RIDICULOUS $299 a month SEO offers. You have a real business, Don’t you want a real business partner?!


[accordion_item caption=”How do you determine the monthly price?” title_color=’#000000′ background_color=’#ffffff’ arrow_style=’black_arrow’]

After initial research and determination of your goals, we base it on hours we need to work each month to satisfy all SEO activities required to reach our agreed goal.

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[accordion_item caption=”How long does it take to start?” title_color=’#000000′ background_color=’#ffffff’ arrow_style=’black_arrow’]

SEO is a teamwork effort, especially at the beginning. It will take a couple meetings together to develop the initial strategy, once implemented,  SEO activities will commence within a week.

[accordion_item caption=”How long does it take to see the results?” title_color=’#000000′ background_color=’#ffffff’ arrow_style=’black_arrow’]

Each business niche is unique, but generally 3-6 months. Though, different business will perform more quickly than others based on niche targets, competition or the current authority of your site.

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Our work is transparent, safe and within search engine guidelines.


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  • No long term contracts. And definitely: NO SETUP FEES!
  • Maintain your results forever with our dedicated ongoing service.
  • White Hat SEO only!
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